Square and Triangle

I’d like to add here two drawings from the 2019 series ‘Square and Triangle’, also known as ‘House’ or ‘Home’. The idea of combining squares and triangles has manifested itself long ago in my work and I find the interaction of these two mathematical forms or principles attractive, exciting and meaningful. The first time this interaction occurred was in the ‘Chess Lines’, however in these drawings the square was basically a grid of 64 squares on which a dynamic development of moves was superimposed. These drawings obviously took their content from an exterior source: chess games. A new way of combining the square and the triangle happened when I prolonged the square to a long and small rectangle and added a triangle on top. Or as I like to put it: ‘a straight line with an added significance’ as the concrete shape immediately moves into the symbolic and meaningful image of an arrow. This shift from a concrete interpretation to the level of meaning happens again with ‘Square and Triangle’ at the very moment you see the drawing as the concept of a house. Maybe not intended as such as I keep on working at the level of the concrete world of straight lines and the elementary shapes derived from them, the idea of symbolic interpretation always comes up. All of a sudden you may look at the result and think of a house. When at work I usually suppress this symbolic level as it easily prevents the unconscious process of creative fragmentation and integration which is central to the development of art. I prefer to work with just the lines and shapes and their unpredictable adventures. Starting with a few simple points of departure I like to enter as soon as possible the realm of the unknown, the arena so to speak, where you have to rely on your experience and your ability to move forward without certainty of outcome. This is my field of progress and this is what I call home, hence the subtitle of these drawings.